16 June 2015
16 June 2015
16 June 2015

Passive House Construction

Why not build a passive house?

A Passive House makes efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery ventilation to such a standard that conventional heating systems are virtually rendered unnecessary. A Passive House enjoys a comfortable temperature winter or summer and much higher air quality than traditional construction.

Key features of a Passive house include;

    • Exceptional high level of thermal insulation.
    • Well insulated window frames and triple low-e glazing.
    • Thermal Bridge free construction, requiring a high level of design and drawing detailing.
    • Very low U-values
    • Very high level of air-tightness
    • High utilization of solar & internal gains
    • MHRV - Excellent air quality through efficient MHRV (Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation) system
    • Better building quality.

The Passive House Association of Ireland (PHAI) is a catalyst for the increased awareness of the opportunities and benefits of low energy design based on the Passive House Principles, across the Irish construction industry as a whole. Passive House Design is seen as a specifically proven successful way of designing such buildings.

The Mission of the PHAI is to promote, educate and facilitate, so as to develop a strong identity, understanding and demand for the passive house concept.

The term Passive House or Passiv Haus suggests a very thorough and precise detailed design of a building with an energy demand 90% lower than most buildings. Through careful design, thought and calculations a building can be created to require only the lowest amount of energy 15kWhr/m2 pa. It is important to emphasise that ‘Passive House’ defines an energy standard and a set of principles; the construction method and the design methodology are not predetermined.

PHAI is an Affiliated Association with the International Passive House Association. The Association is non-profit-making in so far that all membership fees collected go toward the promotion of the Passive House Principles in their many varied forms.

For more details on passive houses go to www.phai.ie